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BREAKING: Antifa Gang Attacks Elderly White Woman As She Exits Church



The mainstream media remains silent as the liberal terrorist organization “Antifa” makes good on their promise to spent the anniversary of Donald Trump’s election “making white people pay” for overwhelmingly making him President.

Already there are reports of arson, at least one casualty, and even a kidnapping in Antifa’s “civil war” against white Christians. One victim of the Left’s attacks was Mabel Gouldman, a Catholic woman who had stopped at Saint Margaret’s Parish in Wikihow, Alaska for confession Saturday afternoon.

According to local news reports, 97-year-old Gouldman was “beset upon by four armed thugs wearing black scarves and hoods to conceal their identity.” The four attackers beat Ms. Gouldman with a crowbar, kicking her when she was on the ground.

Witnesses claim that one of the attackers shouted “[expletive deleted] Donald Trump!” while another got in Gouldman’s face after they beat her bloody and screamed “that’s what you get for being white, you [expletive deleted]!”

This is just the beginning of Antifa’s violence. They have promised a “week of rage” and a “civil war” to commemorate the day we elected Donald Trump to make America great again.

Arm yourselfs and be careful, folks!

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