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BREAKING: First Reports Of ’11/4′ ANTIFA Violence Roll In From The East Coast



The violent, leftist group of terrorists known as “ANTIFA” have begun fulfilling their pledge to cause widespread mayhem on November 4th, the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s historic landslide victory over Hillary Rodham Clinton. The mainstream media has been all but silent about the threat posed by these terrorists, leaving little doubt that they are on the side of treason and hate.

LLOD correspondent Skip Tetheluda is on the scene in Syracuse where a mob dressed in black is chanting “GIVE US OUR FREE!!!” – a reference to a movie about slaves who slaughtered their masters being tried for their crimes:

“They took to the steps of the State Capitol and after about 3 minutes of chanting, took the chains they were wearing around their necks as a symbol of slavery and started beating onlookers. The scene was like something out of The Purge.”

Correspondent Art Tubolls on location in Springfield, says the situation is being ignored by the media there altogether:

“The liberal media wants this to happen. They want it to go down where nobody sees it and later they’ll show video of peaceful protesters on the National Mall locking arms and singing “We Shall Overcome.”

We’ll keep you updated throughout the day on this developing story.

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