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Supreme Court Hits California Right Between The Eyes With Latest Ruling



The United States Supreme Court has struck down a portion of a 2016 California legislation that required anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centres to provide information about abortion to expectant moms.

The law had required centers which are state licensed to inform their customers about cheap contraception, abortion, and healthcare, and facilities that had no license were required to place a sign on the door, stating that they were unlicensed.

Pregnancy crisis centers attracted a claim saying that they were being legally required to deliver a message which they didn’t concur with, and the court agreed.

As it now stands, accredited centers continue to be needed to offer you the above-mentioned information, but unlicensed centers are no longer needed to post a signal, broadcasting they are not state licensed.

It is still possible that the challengers can return to court to fight for more of the law to be struck down, but the attorney representing the centres said that they did not expect to be in a position to do that soon.

However, Justice Stephen Breyer didn’t agree with the majority and argued that the law ought to be upheld in the exact same way that physicians are expected to tell women seeking abortions about adoption services.

In a statement on Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said,”Speakers shouldn’t be forced by their own government to promote a new message with which they disagree, and pro-life maternity centers in California should not be made to advertise abortion and undermine the very reason that they exist”


source : chicagopost

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